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We are an innovative brand of functional products engineered to create amazing experiences for people and their cats. Responsibly crafted using sustainable materials and eco-friendly alternatives, we’ve wrapped form and function in elegance.

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OMG!!! I have to say they are SUPER easy to work with. I changed my mind about 3 times not sure what color I wanted the trunk. Then added on a base at last minute. Changed the color of the top of the tree. All the while they were very patient. I was worried that the tree might not be sturdy. Not a problem there, both cats play on it at the same time. I was also worried that the cats might not use it. When I got the tree and before I even put it up while I was holding the base the cat climbed right up it. They both love this and play on it constantly. Thank you for another fabulous creation!!!


FREAKING EPIC. I've NEVER been so impressed with the quality of feline furniture before. Communications with Urban Feline were great! Knowing that the tree was destined for two Bengals, they made sure the tree was plenty sturdy. The tree came in three parts, each lovingly tucked into a separate gorgeous bag with carrying handles. Incredibly easy to move all the parts to their destination. And just heavy enough, not too heavy to hurt your back. The three parts bolt together; assembly took all of five minutes with all hardware included. Quality fabric, meticulous sewing. It's an objet du art even without cats on it! I've paid nearly as much for poorly made cat trees with boring rough carpet that didn't cover all the surfaces. Don't do that. Buy REALLY AWESOME STUFF HERE


Not only are the items in this store super unique and fun, but they’re also incredibly well-designed and detailed. I’m usually not a fan of screwing anything into a wall without a stud, but the sheer amount of wall anchors in Urban Feline’s Sky series setup made me change my mind. The product itself is sturdily installed and looks great! I worked with Andres during production, and he is both responsive and very accommodating. Love this shop, and love what they do for cats!



Urban Feline

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