XL Caribbean Palms CatTree

XL Caribbean Palms CatTree

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Large ergonomic surfaces create highly functional playgrounds with a soft luxurious texture.Designed to give cats a similar physical experience to climbing real trees, feline anatomy, physiology and psychology were used to design these CatTrees, making them appealing to felines.

The large trunk gives cats a great core workout every time they run up it, helping to improve over all strength and digestion while also relieving stress.

Product Details

Hypoallergenic and bleach-safe fabrics make it a much cleaner option, and underneath the fabric is a recycled padding layer wrapped around a stable core that is both strong and flexible.

Original Caribbean Palm stands 61 inches tall, with a 30 inch diameter base.
 Jr. Caribbean Palm stands 36 inches tall, with a 24 inch diameter base.


  • 360° (original) - Largest layout and highest function, greatest vantage point.
  • 180° - For placing your palm up against a wall, without loosing the large layout.
  • 90° - For placing your palm in a corner, or other inside-angle space.

Caribbean Palms come in 3 to 4 boxes, depending on size and customization features.

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